Julre Kennels is located in Mid Missouri.
We live on 25 acres with lots of acreage adjoining us.
I have been breeding and showing dogs since 1978.
Have bred top winners and producers in Cocker Spaniels Japanese Chins, and  Pointers.
I am currently showing French Bulldogs,and again, will be in the ring soon with Japanese Chins that go back to my original Chins

I've recently been approved to Judge Juniors and Cockers, and look forward to enjoying this new endeavor.

I am a Breeder and I think this sums it up perfectly when others want to know what the difference is between a 
"Breeder" and a "Puppy Producer"

"Breeder" a reputable person breeding dogs for conformation, sporting, working, therapy,search/rescue, 
obedience, military service, companion, etc.; and always putting health, temperament and overall well being of the dogs first.

"Producer" persons breeding dogs for the purpose of making money

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