We have recently gotten back into breeding and showing our Japanese Chins

 We are really enjoying having them back with us

My Start in Chins Bred By Julie Turner: Owner:
Julre's Cookie Monster, ROM Julre's Cookie Monster, ROM N/A
BIS/Ch. Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo, SOD Ch. Julre's Star Brite Julie Turner-Hayes
Touche's Sin-Sa-Chin-Al Julre Ch. Julre's Tennessee Kid Dale Martenson
Julre's Tennessee Volunteer Dale Martenson
Ch. Mishamai Julre's Geisha Mr. Kyle Ralph Foster 
& Nancy Mellott
Ch. Touche Tx Ranger At Julre Richard J Wilson & Dale R Martenson
Touche's Sin-Sa-Chin-Al Julre N/A


CH Touche Tx Ranger At Julre
CH Touche Tx Ranger At Julre


CH Mishamai Julre's Geisha
CH Mishamai Julre's Geisha
GCH Julre's Star Brite
GCH Julre's Star Brite
GCH Julre's Scintillation
GCH Julre's Scintillation 
CH Touche Heavenly Mousse At Julre
CH Touche Heavenly 
Mousse At Julre
Touche's I Love Lucy At Ippys
Touche's I Love Lucy At Ippys (PTD)

There are two theories on the origin of the Japanese Chin or Japanese Spaniel. 
One is that it derives from Pekingese-like dogs brought to Japan by Zen Buddhist monks in the AD 500s, and the other that it descends from a lapdog sent as a present in AD 732 to the Emperor of Japan from Korea. 
It is not dissimilar to the Pekingese, but is longer in the leg and lighter. Whatever its ancestry, for more than 1,000 years this little dog was a favorite of Japanese emperors who decreed that it should be worshiped. 

It is said that smaller Chins were sometimes kept in hanging cages like pet birds. Two Japanese Chins were presented to Queen Victoria by Commodore Perry, an American naval commander, on his return from the Far East in 1853. 
Bearing some resemblance to the King Charles Spaniel, the Chin is a popular show dog but less often kept as a pet. 
This attractive and hardy little dog is good with children. It requires 1 an average amount of exercise and little grooming, except for a daily going over with a pure-bristle brush.
Like other flat-nosed breeds, it must not be over-exerted in hot weather lest it should suffer breathing difficulties.